St. Xavier’s Congratulates Alumnus Rakesh Maria & Himanshu Roy

St. Xavier’s College congratulates Alumnus RAKESH MARIA on his appointment as Police Commissioner of Mumbai! Mr. Maria graduated from St. Xavier’s College with a B.A. degree in 1977. He was an academically inclined student who took his studies seriously. He is remembered in College as a member of our Cricket and Basketball teams, showing his all-round interest in good formation. The College felicitated him among other distinguished alumni in 2010, for the pursuit of excellence in his profession.

The Police force are often maligned, especially when things go wrong, but it is a comfort to know that there are upright, competent and dedicated men like Mr. Maria, who will spare no effort at keeping our city safe for us all. The human side of Mr. Maria is clear when in his first public interview as Commissioner, he promises to form a police force that is more present and effective on the streets and he also promises to work for the welfare of the police women and men of the force – something so essential and often ignored.

We are also happy that another alumnus, Mr. Himanshu Roy, has been appointed to take Mr. Maria’s place as Additional Commissioner, Anti Terrorism Squad, after serving for some years as the Additional Commissioner – Crime. 

We pledge our support to these distinguished alumni and their colleagues and pray for God’s blessings on their work.

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